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This card is part of a new collection of the blend of Tiramisu Paperie + Four Points Candle Co. - WGM. This supportive & women empowering card is perfect for your fiercest, badass friends.


What is WGM? Wellllll.... WGM /// FOR THE REAL ONES, THE PERFECTLY IMPERFECT, UNAPOLOGETIC SHARP TONGUE... ones who say exactly what needs to be heard not just said. The ones who choose “even if” instead of “what if!”. The ones who know the grass isn’t greener it’s just fake so they water and grow their own shit. Well here it is! This is our shit! Not worrying about what you thought since 1970 something. Trust us, we’ve been called worse by better!


Details ///

•  Tags: Friendship, Encourage, Adult Humor, Everyday

• Made in United States

• Weight: 0.5 oz (13.6 g)

• 5.5" x 4.25" folded card, blank inside with envelope and cello bag

Stopped Waiting Greeting Card

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