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Practice Gratitude Pen Set

  • "Practice Gratitude" Inspirational Pen Set for those who want to channel those gratitude vibes when writing down their big ass goals!


    Set of 3 Jotter Pens, sealed cello sleeve with a wrapped, Kitty Meow Boutique branded bookmark inside. Don’t throw the packaging away! Save the card to use as a bookmark and keep the fierce vibes goin!


    Set of 3 includes:

    (1) Bright Pink Pen w/black writing - “If someone else can do it, that’s proof you can too!”

    (1) Bright Pink Pen w/black writing - “I am rich in so many ways”

    (1) Bright Pink Pen w/black writing - “I am grateful for…”


    • Made in the USA

    • Black Ink

    • Silky smooth writing

    • Bookmark included with packaging

    • Designed & packaged with L-O-V-E!

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