Affirmations for Badass Women

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  • The badass woman who likes to cuss a little (or a lot). The woman who is doing hard shit and appreciates words that help her find her centering in this crazy world. These cards have a little kick to help you jumpstart your badassery.


    This set includes the following affirmations:

    1. I am doing a damn good job

    2. I am a badass warrior

    3. I will not be an asshole to myself

    4. I am f*cking brave and strong

    5. The best shit happens outside of my comfort zone

    6. I will let go of the shit that doesn't serve me

    7. I will exhale the bullshit

    8. Hell yes, I am enough

    9. I am a f*cking masterpiece

    10. I’m a bad bitch


    Each set includes:

    • 3" acrylic stand to easily display your cards
    • 10 affirmations (written, lettered, and painted by Rachel Tenny) measuring 4"x4" each
    • Each affirmation is printed on 110# Cougar paper, which makes them both durable and beautiful!

    Made in United States of America